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FilmDoo was founded in 2015 and began as an online film-streaming platform. The concept and goal was to provide a platform to help get great, under-represented cinema seen around the world. Films that did not normally receive or find international distribution could now reach a global audience.

FilmDoo quickly became a trusted, market-leading, global online film streaming platform, connecting the world through quality, thought-provoking international cinema. FilmDoo now has one of the world's largest foreign language film catalogues, with films from over 80 countries. Last year, reached a new milestone, receiving over 800,000 visitors a month with traffic from 194 countries and over 250,000 registered users.

FilmDoo Academy

We noticed that more and more people were finding our platform via search terms related to cultural and language learning via film, so we decided to develop software to assist with this demand.

Our software works on top of any film or video content to create interactive courses that can be used by private corporate training instructors, schools, teachers and parents. The tool can be used as part of employee development and internal company training, by schools in class, and can be played as a group, online with live lessons, as homework, or even as self-study and home tuition.

FilmDoo Academy enables anyone to create a class with the help of film or video content and, by adding interactions, makes it possible for participants to play along and answer the questions set. Using video in this way keeps learners interested, motivated and focussed. Overall, it makes learning FUN.


As a result of our focus on films from around the world and underrepresented stories, we now have one of the world's largest diversity film catalogues online. Combining this with our interactive software is the perfect solution to modern, effective D&I awareness training.

We believe that film and video bring a crucial layer of emotion and empathy to the learning process that is key to any long-term, meaningful changes in attitude. Films immerse us in new environments and cultures, introducing new perspectives in a way that brings the modern day issues of Diversity & Inclusion to life.

Film can also serve as a great basis for open conversations on what are sometimes difficult topics, giving people a middle ground and a common starting point for people to express themselves. In the process courses become not just educational, but memorable. That’s what makes our software so successful as a training tool that works and delivers, making for a happier, better and more empathetic workplace.

Meet The Team

FilmDoo’s Diverse & International DNA

Weerada Sucharitkul (she/her)
CEO & Co-Founder

10+ years in Digital Strategy and Consultancy. Dutch-born Thai. Speaks English, Thai and French. Learning Japanese and Mandarin. Life goal is to help everyone become a Polyglot.

Rob Sutcliffe (he/him)
Head of EdTech & AI

12+ years in Programming and EdTech. Grew up in Africa. Taught English in South Korea. Most recently Principal Engineer at Hitachi and Oracle AI team.

Rainie Liu (she/her)
Head of Research & Linguistics

In-house Linguist. Speaks Chinese, English, Korean and Spanish. Experience in curriculum design.

Julio Marmol Corbacho (he/him)
BD & Diversity Manager

Film Director and Linguist. Oversees diversity partnerships. Speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Dave Page (he/him)
Head of Diversity & Inclusion

10+ years in Sales & Partnership. Passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. Dad to an amazing 13-year old son.

Christina Learmonth (she/her)
Head of Content & Marketing

Oversees content and marketing. Resident English Literature scholar. Creates the best film trailers.

David Pountain (he/him)
Data Analyst & Editor

Oversees content marketing. Studied Mathematics. Highly analytical with strong passion for writing and content marketing.

Charles Normsaskul (he/him)
Content Producer & Marketing

Thai-British who also creates our French courses. Produces marketing videos. Drives online marketing.